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Are you redecorating a room in your home and considering using wallpaper for your wall design or colour instead of paint?

Uses for Wallpaper in Home Decor...other than on your walls

Have you wallpapered your bedroom and now have a half a roll of wallpaper left... and are wondering if there is something you can do with it?

Or have you seen a beautiful piece of wallpaper and thought, I could or should do something with that, using the wallpaper as an accent piece? Similar to a throw pillow which may provide the pop in your room, some wallpaper designs can provide you with the same color pop.

1. Decorate a Tray

Do you have an old tray lying around your house which you might like to use but it is rather shotty looking or just plain old and damaged?

If the top is the only part that is damaged, then this will be the perfect piece to use for this extra wallpaper project.

Simply measure the inside dimensions of the tray. It is recommended to make a template if it is a non-square or non-rectangular tray so that you are essentially measuring twice before you cut the actual material.

Glue the piece of wallpaper on with some white all purpose glue or use modge podge. Or, if the wallpaper is pastable, you can simply wet the wallpaper and paste it on just as you would on the walls.

For protection, you may want to add a coating of modge podge or 1 part white glue, 1 part water mixture on top to provide a protective coating.

2. Decorate a bookshelf with wallpaper

Do you have a plain white bookshelf in your home which could use some sprucing up? Is the thought of painting it too daunting - as it is most likely melamine and they can be very tricky and time consuming to paint?

How about using some leftover wallpaper to cover the back of the bookshelf.

Remove the shelves from the bookshelf and adhere the wallpaper to the inside backing of the bookshelf, using the same adhesion technique mentioned above.

The effect of this is quite stunning and gives a very custom look to your bookshelf. A simple white bookshelf from IKEA can turn into a piece of custom artwork. AND, you can then and probably should only decorate the bookshelves sparingly. You do not want the look to be too busy and you definitely want the wallpaper decoration backing to be noticed.

Symmetry : Green & Beige Wallpaper - designer wallcovering - Home Wallpaper Shop

3. A wallpaper lampshade

Do you have a great looking lamp with some ugly or old lampshade on it? Or because you are a DIY'er, you have many lampshade frames just ready to be made into fabulous and decorative lampshades?

Either way, by using a piece of leftover wallpaper, you can easily make a cost effective lampshade...and one that will probably be the center of attention in your room.

It will be easiest to do this craft DIY project if you have the lampshade that was on the frame, as it will act as your template for cutting your new lampshade.

Remove the old lampshade and carefully undo the seam where it has been attached together to form the circle. You will notice that it is generally not a straight piece of paper or fabric. It usually has a curve in the flat design so using the template will make this home decor project much easier.

If you don't have the luxury of having the old lampshade template, you will have to make your own template. Using a large piece of brown kraft paper, roll the lampshade frame onto the paper while holding a marker at the top and bottom of the lampshade frame. Make a small mark on the lampshade frame for a start and stop position. Be sure to give yourself an extra 1" at least for overlap to attach the piece together.

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