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Are you redecorating a room in your home and considering using wallpaper for your wall design or colour instead of paint?

Choosing a Wallpaper

Are your renovating a room in your house that needs some flair? Or do you just want to add some spark or a designer look without having to redo the complete room decor in designer furniture or linens? Well, if you choose a designer wallpaper for your room, you can get a designer look instantly. You will have a designer room without having to spend another fortune on all designer furniture, designer dishes, designer linens or designer accessories. If, of course, your budget allows for an all designer room, the please feel free to go the designer decor route. If not, why not let a designer wallpaper design lead the way to a new home room designer decor having only to spend a small amount of money (relatively) on your wall coverings.

Trendy Wallpaper Colors for 2013

The home decor designer color of the year for 2013 is emerald green. Many of the blue greens - turquoise and teal - are still very popular as well. Another great contrasting color to the spectacular emerald green is bright sunny yellow. If you are brave enough, you could choose a wallpaper with an emerald green background for the whole room. Being very dramatic, choosing an emerald green print wall covering would be beautiful and dramatic in a bedroom or a dining room. It may also work in a small powder room. Do not be afraid to use strong patterns and colors in small rooms. It really adds a punch of a designer touch to a room which is often overlooked simply because of its size.  Emerald green looks fabulous with greys, whites, yellow and even some blues.

Designer Home Wallpaper Patterns

If you have noticed lately, wallpaper patterns are gone bold. The patterns and colors are not only endless but, big and beautiful. We are not seeing the small tiny floral prints anymore. If you find a floral designer wallpaper, it will be big and bold. This basically means that you have to be fully committed to this wallpaper design and color. Flowers on wallpapers are often even exaggerated. So, if you choose one of these be sure you love it as you will have to live with it and it will be very noticeable.
Some new wallpapers are now 3 dimensional. Remember those flocked wallpapers of yesterday - with a black felt like touch - are back. Maybe not the black felt and metallic look but, flocked wallpaper is definitely back in style for home decor. Again, drama is generally the look you are going for if you choose one of these flocking wall coverings. Flocked wall papers will look wonderful in a bedroom or in a cozy dining room. Some wall coverings that have been around for a few years now are the paintable textured types. These can be painted whatever color you desire and could even be painted different colors within the designs so that the design is highlighted. Most people choose to simply paint them 1 color opting for the look of a textured wall. This can be interesting as a feature wall. Some choose this textured wallpaper as a backsplash in a kitchen. It is not highly recommended as a backsplash due to the amount of kitchen traffic and cleaning required. But, if you do not spend much time in your kitchen and want to get a designer look backsplash (for a less than designer price for a backsplash), this could be your answer.
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Installing Wallpaper and Wall Coverings

Have you installed wallpaper before? Well then good for you. Then you know whether you are capable of doing this job or not, right? Most of us are not or should not be doing this as a DIY project. You want your walls to look great, don't you? Perhaps if you are a bit of a perfectionist and a bit handy (perfectionism is even more important), you could do a wallpaper installation. The perfectionism comes in the matching and cutting of the wall coverings. You must cut the wallpaper straight along the ceiling and floor or trim. It must match the ceiling line as well as the trim floor line (whether these are level or not). And please please please, if you install this wallpaper yourself, be sure to match the pattern perfectly - not just sort of perfect - or close. It has to be perfect or you will have ruined the look of your new walls and maybe wasted your money on your new designer wallpaper. All of this to say that you may want to hire a professional to install your wall paper in order to have it look fabulous, just like your newly decorated room will look.
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